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STH requires 10 working days’ notice to schedule a start‐up. STH has allowed 3 hours on-site to perform start‐up on the pump system between 6:30am – 3:30pm, Monday – Friday. Any requests outside of these times / dates will be an additional charge. This form must be completed before anything can be scheduled.

Please note that if STH arrives and the site items listed below are not ready for start-up and STH has to be re-scheduled, then a return visit will require the contractor to provide an additional Purchase Order number for the original Full Start Up amount to be charged as an extra. Any additional work during any start-up event beyond the standard scope will be invoiced at $129 per hour per man plus a $135 Travel Charge (Minimum $522) plus any materials needed.

In addition, if the Start Up is canceled without 24 hours’ notice, you will be invoiced a $500 Cancellation Fee. Delays caused by other trades are your responsibility and do not absolve you of paying the delay and / or Cancellation Fee. Please make your Field Supervisor aware of these requirements and charges so they are ready when we arrive.

Temperature relief valves are to be installed and piped to the drain by others. If the valves are missing on-site STH, Inc. can provide them for $50.00 each. An STH service technician can install the relief valves for $300.00. If needed, please contact our service department to schedule. Additional parts and material needed to do this work will also be invoiced.

The following items must be completed before STH arrives.

  • Utility power to control panel is connected and operational
  • Location of the Electrical Breaker feeding the system is known
  • Suction and discharge piping is completed and properly supported
  • All valves are operational and have the ability to flow water as designed in the specification
  • Water to booster can be turned on and flow to building and or system as designed
  • Do not put water in hydro tank (if applicable)
  • Rubber isolation pads are installed and system is anchored

By completing this Domestic Water Booster Start-Up Form I acknowledge that the system is completely ready to be started up and I have read & accepted all of the above terms & conditions.