Preventative Maintenance

STH offers a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance program for domestic water Booster pump, Fire pump, and Sump & Sewage pump systems.
Servicing of these systems should be performed at least every 6 months in order to maximize the life expectancy and performance of this equipment. In addition, this routine maintenance will help to prevent any Emergency Service calls and any “Unbudgeted’’ expenses for the owner.

Please note that oftentimes other companies will focus just on the pumps themselves and ignore the controllers. STH has factory trained technicians that can service both the controller and the pump sets. Thus allowing you the confidence that both parts of the system will be functioning as designed after we complete the service. Our comprehensive “Check List” can be provided the same day or we can compile it over the life of the system for review at your convenience.

If you would like this service performed, please contact us and we will get this scheduled.






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